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GitBoard - The kanban board for GitHub™ issues

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improves your workflow

Gitboard can help to track the status of your GitHub™ issues

1 - Browser Compatibility

This thing only works with the latest in HTML5 hotness. Join the online sensation.

2 - Email me

Have problems or suggested features? Please send an email to gitboardapp@gmail.com.

3 - Terms of Use

This is a beta project. It is currently free for unlimited use. No guarantees are made regarding accessibility or uptime. Access may be revoked at anytime.

How does it work

GitBoard tracks the status of your issue by assigning a label for each kanban column. It utilizes the Github API so all data, access, and privileges are still controlled by Github.

There is no need for a separate account, sign in with you Github credentials. This app uses omniauth and you can revoke its access to your Github account at any time.

Best of all its free. Give it a try and please provide any feedback to gitboardapp@gmail.com.

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